Instruction is by Jason Hunt Sensei (Shodan so Hombu), with assistance from fellow yudansha and kenshusei We   are   A   DOJO   of   KYUSHINKAN,   whose   main   DOJO   is   based   in   Leicester,   under   the   instruction   of   Mr   Peter   Brown   Sensei   (6th Dan   so   Hombu)   Shihan   and   House   Principal.   KYUSHINKAN   is   a   House   of   the   United   Kingdom   Aikikai   (UKA)   and   as   such,   all instruction and gradings are recognised by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, Japan Courses   are   regularly   held   at   Aikido   Derby   by   Mr   Brown   and   also   by   Mr   Kevan   Ginns   Sensei,   who   is   one   of   KYUSHINKAN’s Shidoin.   We   have   also   held   several   FRIENDSHIP   COURSES   with   other   DOJO   from   different   affiliations   to   the   UKA   and   AIKIKAI, and   have   been   fortunate   to   have   held   a   course   with   KUBOTA   IKUHIRO   Sensei   (8th   Dan   so   Hombu)   SHIHAN,   from   Nara   Aikikai, Nara, Japan We currently have a seperate class on a Tuesday night, which is at St Mark’s Church in Chaddesden
AIKIDO    DERBY    was    established    in    April 2006,    but    under    the    name    of    Mickleover Aikido   Club,   by   Jason   Hunt   sensei.   Back then,   we   were   members   of   the   Aikido   Union England,   with   Mr   Chris   McDonald   sensei (6th   dan)   as   Senior   Instructor   and   Mr   Pat Stratford sensei (8th dan) as Director. Mickleover   Aikido   Club   held   classes   at   the Vicarage   Road   Pavillion,   which   was   a   fairly new   building   in   Mickleover,   on   a   saturday morning,   and   a   sunday   evening.   The   club officially    opened    on    saturday    29th    April, 2006     by     Mr     McDonald,     whom     kindly demonstrated    aikido    to    a    large    crowd    of spectators    There    were    junior    and    senior classes     held     on     both     days,     with     the saturday   class   eventually   stopping,   leaving the    club    with    just    the    sunday    evening classes running. In   2010   we   decided   to   move   to   the   Derby City    Centre,    which    is    where    we    are    still based,   and   are   still   running   the   classes   on sunday evenings