JASON HUNT Sensei Nidan Aikikai Dojo Cho
Bugaku   Shihan,   Christian   Tissier   Shihan,   Kubota   Ikuhiro   Shihan,   Tada   Hiroshi   Shihan,   Ueshiba   Mitsuteru   Sensei   (Waka Sensei),    Ueshiba    Moriteru    Sensei    (the    current    Doshu),    Fujii    Katsutoshi    Sensei,    Sawada    Toshiharu    Shihan,    Kobayashi Yukimitsu Shihan and Sugawara Shigeru Shihan. In   2007   I   had   the   chance   to   visit   Japan,   and   during   this   time   was   able   to   train   alongside   other   Aikidoka   in   the   MEIJI   JINGU BUDODOJO   SHISEIKAN   in   classes   taught   by   Tanaka   Shigeho   Meiyokancho,   Inaba   Minoru   Kancho,   Tao   Norio   Shihan, Yamada   Shihan   and   Sasada   Shihan.   During   the   trip   to   Japan,   an   invitation   was   given   for   our   group   to   visit   the   AIKIKAI HOMBU   DOJO,   where   we   were   allowed   to   watch   a   class   on   the   upper   floor,   followed   by   a   private   talk   with   Ueshiba   Moriteru DOSHU, the current leader of the AIKIKAI (and the grandson of the founder of Aikido, Ueshiba Morihei O SENSEI). During   recent   years   I   have   visited   Japan   on   several   occassions,   and   have   been   working   on   creating   links   with   NARA   AIKIKAI, who   are   under   the   direct   supervision   of   Kubota   Ikuhiro   Sensei,   8th   DAN   Aikikai   SHIHAN.   I   am   a   member   of   Nara   Aikikai   and will be looking to continue to strengthen these links with further visits to Nara in the future. I took my Shodan Aikikai (1st dan) grading in July 2012, under the supervision of Peter Brown Sensei I took my Nidan Aikikai (2nd dan) grading in October 2017, under the supervision of Ikuhiro Kubota Shihan I received my Level 1 Coaching Certificate in July 2012, from the BAB I received my Level 2 Coaching Certificate in July 2017, from the JAC
I     received     my     Instructor's     Certificate through   WAKO   in   2006,   which   is   when   I opened    my    club,    USAGIGOYA    AIKIDO DOJO,   in   Mickleover,   Derby.   The   Dojo   is now based in the City Centre of Derby. I   taught   Aikido   at   the   BRITANNIA   MILL campus   of   the   UNIVERSITY   of   DERBY (which   was   affiliated   with   the   university through   the   UDSU),   where   I   studed   for   a degree     in     Complementary     Therapies: SHIATSU I   currently   visit   KYUSHINKAN   DOJO   in Leicester   as   often   as   I   can,   and   attend courses when I am able to. I     have     attended     several     International Courses,   which   have   been   instructed   by Tanaka Shigeho Meiyokancho, Tao Norio