Awarded: Shodan: 19th April 1988 Nidan: 18th May 1989 Sandan: 8th March 1992 Yondan: August 1996 Godan: 24th March 2002 Rokudan: 31st January 2010 Fukushidoin 1990 B.A.B. coach August 1990 April 21st 1996 qualified as a children's coach. Became senior coach in 1996. Promoted to Shidoin on 23rd January 2000. At present I am instructing at Secular Hall Dojo, and also instructing at weekend seminars throughout the year. We received the name Kyu Shin Kan in 1989. Became House Shidoin in 2004 In the year 2017, received Shihan title, and I have been an Aikido student for 51 years
PETER BROWN Sensei Rokudan Aikikai Shihan Began   Aikido   in   Leicester   at   Secular   Hall Dojo in 1966 at the age of 9 years old. I    have    received    regular    instruction    from Sensei F Brown (1966 - 1979) Sensei W Smith (1987 - ) For   the   period   1966   -   1977   we   received regular instruction from Chiba Sensei. In    1978    I    became    one    of    the    founder members   of   Leicester   Aikido   Society,   also at    this    time    I    was    awarded    Shodan,    by Sensei F Brown. From   1979   -   1987   became   Chief   Instructor of    the    Leicester    Aikido    Society,    taking classes   four   times   a   week   at   the   Judokwia in Leicester.    In   1987   joined   the   United   Kingdom   Aikikai, under the instruction of Sensei W Smith.