Where is the DOJO?   Our   main   Dojo   is   based   at   DMAC,   34   The   Strand,   Derby,   DE1   1BE.   For   a   map,   and   other   Dojo,   please   see   the   CLASSES page Is there Parking available? There   are   parking   spaces   outside   and   nearby   to   the   Dojo,   but   we   are   based   in   the   City   Centre,   so   spaces   are   limited.   There are 2 multi storey car parks very close by What are the fees for training? The   mat   fees   vary   from   club   to   club,   but   are   generally   between   £5-6   for   Adults,   £3-4   for   Children.   There   is   an   annual membership   and   insurance,   which   is   required   within   the   first   couple   of   lessons,   the   fees   for   theses   are   £25   -   adult/student   and     £18   -   children.   There   are   various   pieces   of   equipment   required   for   training,   including   Bokken   and   Jo,   but   Beginners   only   need a   Keikogi   (white   uniform)   which   all   Aikidoka   wear.   These   prices   vary,   depending   on   type/size/etc.   We   get   the   majority   of   our equipment   from   Nine   Circles.   If   you   order   through   the   club   we   can   cut   down   on   the   postage   costs.   Please   speak   to   your Sensei for more information Do you give FREE Lessons? Straight answer, NO. The time spent on Beginner’s during a lesson is more than is required by someone who trains week in, week out, and pays for their mat fees. It is simply unfair to offer free classes to anyone else, when the core of the club have to I am a beginner, what do I wear for training? If   you   are   a   Beginner,   and   have   no   KEIKOGI   (the   white   uniform   worn   when   practicing   Aikido),   please   wear   something comfortable to train in such as Tracksuit bottoms and T-Shirt/Hoodie. Do not wear Jewellery or watches, etc during training I have never done a Martial Art before, will I be able to do Aikido, and how long will it take to get my Black Belt? Because   Aikido   involves   training   with   other   people,   of   varying   levels   and   strengths/sizes   it   is   suitable   for   most   people.   If   you have   not   done   any   other   Martial   Art,   this   can   be   good   as   most   other   Martial   Arts   rely   on   Strength,   whereas   Aikido   works   on movement.   As   with   most   things   in   life,   GOOD   PRACTICE   makes   PERFECT,   and   you   get   out   of   Aikido   what   you   put   in.   If   you train regular and want to progress, you will do, although it can take upto 8 years to receive Yudansha (your Black Belt). I am not as healthy as I would like, will Aikido help me become healthier/fitter? Aikido   involves   lots   of   movement,   including   making   Ukemi   (breakfalls)   and   getting   up   and   down   of   the   floor.   The   more   you   put in   to   your   practice,   the   more   you   will   be   active,   this   will   help.   If   you   are   suffering   any   injuries   (ie.   back   pain,   old   injuries, arthritis,etc)   you   will   be   required   to   get   a   Dr   to   give   permission   to   train   (in   writing)   as   this   can   exacerbate   the   condition.   Many people   who   have   medical   conditions,   such   as   asthma,   COPD,   etc   are   able   to   train   as   long   as   these   are   kept   under   control. Please speak to your Dr if you are unsure. Do you do Private Classes? With the possible cost implications: Hire of Room, Paying for the Sensei’s time, paying for the time of a student with a grounding in Aikido to be able to be used to demonstrate on and practice with, it simply is not cost effective. The way we do classes, it does not matter what level you are. We are ALL there to LEARN, and train together. A Beginner will not be expected to perform technique to the same level as a Senior Grade, and certainly would not be expected to receive Technique like a Senior Grade