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University of Derby Demo 1
University of Derby Demo 2
Kashihara Embu 2014
Vicarage Rd Park Demo
Peter Brown Sensei Course 1
Fresher’s Fair Demo
Kevan Ginns Sensei Course 1
Secular Hall 50th Anniversary
Embu 1
Wigan Aikido course 2
Peter Brown Sensei, Summer School
TMAS 2012 demo 1
TMAS 2012 demo 2
TMAS 2012 demo 3
TMAS 2012 demo 4
TMAS 2012 demo 5
Aikido Derby Promo Video
Aikido Derby 10th Anniversary
Course, April 2016
Kevan Ginns Sensei Course
November 2016
Jason Hunt Sensei Course
Brendon Buchanan Sensei Course
Secular Hall 50th Anniversary
Embu 2
Markeaton Park Demo, 2016
Stockbrook Park Demo, 2016
Nara Aikikai 50th Anniversary Demo, 2016
Aikido Derby End of Year Embu 2016
Wigan Aikido course 1
Aikido Friendship course, Loughborough 2015
Kashihara Embu 2018
Kashihara Embu 2017