Aikido is the type of Budo that is designed to strengthen our life force,
methodise the way to activate it in our daily lives

"If you can make use of Aikido in your every day lives, it is the genuine Aikido"

picture from the training

sensei presents some skills

Considering joining in? Great Idea!

In our club, beginners are always warmly welcome.
Classes are suitable for all levels of Aikido, and our sensei, among with more experienced students, are always happy to help.
As Aikido is based on using your opponent's strenght against him, you don't have to be physically strong to start training.

Our club is based in Derby Martial Art Center, The Strand, DE1 1BE
on the top floor.
Our classes start every Sunday, at 6-8PM It's £8 per class, you only pay for the classes that you attend.
We recommend wearing sporty, long trousers and comfy t-shirt.


Here is how to find us: